20 Feb

scowling owlhello, old chums! and welcome to my first post in 2013. a bit late, you say? well, that’s how I roll. slow and zen.

I feel I should update you on my latest adventures. fortunately for you, they are not many.

you might be surprised to find out that I’m inevitably turning into a well-trained babysitter. ever since my niece has been born, I’ve unwantedly accumulated what seems to be a huge amount of knowledge on prams, I master the elusive art of changing diapers and, of course, I can do baby talk. also, I can now stage a finger puppet show, although I’m still at a loss when it comes to what the puppets should say, improv is not my strongest point. I usually have them talk about the weather.

my first post of this year and all I’ve talked so far is babies! yeah, I’ve been taken over by this horrid habit. plus I lead an on-going struggle with myself when it comes to posting the baby’s pics on Facebook. it’s crazy. however, I feel I should point out, I’m still not very convinced about having one of my own.

moving on.

every year I’m possessed by a sudden urge to learn: a. a new language; b. HTML; a new dance (not that I would master any at the moment). every year I make no progress.

this year has been a bit different. I’ve thought about learning Czech. ditched that. started learning Spanish. then I moved on to HTML. and, lo, this time I’ve made progress. I’ve even got as far as CSS (don’t snicker). then I said to overconfident self, hey, why not try some basic PHP courses. I’m still in the trying stage on that one.

my favorite code-related function right now is Inspect element. I feel like the Sherlock Holmes of HTML/CSS. although I’m probably just an elementary Dr. Watson.

moving further on.

I’ve become completely fascinated with the amount of seagulls sheltered by the rooftops in Bucharest. I expect the sea to follow anytime now. there will be a morning, soon, when we’ll all look out of our windows to discover the streets flooded by salty water strewn with dolphins and floating cars. well, come to think of it, given the state of the sewage system around here, all we need is a rainy day .

moving even further on.

a lot of other things have happened but I don’t feel like talking about them now. babies, HTML and seagulls, that’s enough for one evening. maybe next time I’ll tell you all about my creepy neighbours across the street. or about that time I overdosed on zombie movies and almost kicked a shop assistant in the face. or maybe I’ll shut up for another four months. oh, the suspense…

back in the saddle


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2 responses to “back in the saddle

  1. Chrissa

    May 2, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    Ohoo, I had such a laugh reading the old new things.
    Baby talk, hahaha.

    so, nu crezi ca a cam venit vremea sa ne mai povestesti si altele? astept si intre timp bat din degete pe masa, stiu ca te enerveaza, asa ca ma voi opri doar cand vei reveni…

    you are no Dr. Watson, I would say a lower intermediate SH when it comes to the new language of HTML. I am non existent. :))

    si acum imi dau seama ca eu nu am avut new year’s resolutions. pfffffffff

    tip tap tip tap….

  2. Chrissa

    May 3, 2013 at 6:43 am

    tip tap tip tap ……… and on and on and on?


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