little things

15 Sep

* why is there that whenever a group of people gathers by accident or on purpose, it almost always includes a bragger, a chatterbox, a know-it-all, a you-will-never-hear-me-say-a-word and an utterly boring I-talk-but-I-never-say-anything-that-matters. why.

* today I decided what kind of superhero I want to be. I want to be that person who tells annoying people endlessly sharing their lives on the phone while traveling by bus/tram/train/plane… TO SHUT THE FUCK UP.
my costume would be a giant foot (to smash the evil device with) and my name would probably be something in the Cell Cracker or Superfoot category (although I couldn’t announce the latter to a Romanian audience without risking to convey a completely different message). I also have Cell Carnage, ShutUpOrDie, and The Silencer on the list.

*hm. I’ve just returned from a relaxation course but you couldn’t tell from reading this post, could you?
that’s because I came home by bus.

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