bookstruck (noaptea bibliotecilor)

02 Oct

might not sound that hot but it kinda was.

everything started on a street in Lipscani. we’d been eating and drinking and trying to convince one another of personal truths we held dear. (actually we fought over who’s right or wrong liking a famous mime for more than an hour.)

exhausted of all that talk (and the fact that Bogdan just won’t admit to evidence) we were about to go home when we found out that the Romanian version of Die Nacht der Bibliotheken was about to begin. so, we decided to visit the National Library on our way home.

it was quite as I had known it. a sad mixture of sunken glory and the undead luster of the communist era.

not much to see either, probably a guided tour would have helped. yet quite cool for the kids who were being taught how to make origami.

next stop, the Central University Library (BCU). we started in the Royal Foundation Wing and, if it were for me, I’d still be there gaping at the walls ladded with books and sheer awesomeness.

crooked picture. I was bookstruck.

we went from one chamber to the next under the gaze of kings and queens peering from renovated paintings and we ended up in the library’s main hall, where students come to prostrate themselves on the eve of exams.

starry eyed, we hurried towards the Metropolitan Library. we were quite familiar with what it looked like on the inside so we only stopped for a few minutes

long enough to go up and down the stairs and we left towards what would be our final destination, the French Institute.

once there we are in for a surprise. a new Treasure Hunt!!

while Ioana is rummaging the shelves looking for the books promised by the Treasure Hunt, I’m trying to take a steady photo of Faustine Vega and Marius Manole who are reading from a book by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt. (actually I’m trying to snap a picture of Le Marius, but plants keep getting in my way and the zoom doesn’t quite work for some reason). in the end, the picture’s taken,

we each grab a book or CD from the shelves and, with that content smile of bookworms who’ve just nibbled on some juicy yellow pages of good old books, we head home.

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