movie night

11 Sep

motto: “There are no happy endings in our future.”

I have resumed my own private horrorfest (that I had so abruptly ended while watching Ju-on this spring; yeah, can’t handle Japanese horror. yet.) and I’ve gone through some classics such as Carnival of Souls (absolutely beautiful and my new favorite), Atom Age Vampire, The Terror (some sort of fairy tale in a second-hand setting) and The Little Shop of Horrors (featuring an awfully young and, needless to say, talented Jack Nicholson). I’m now watching The Last Man on Earth (based on Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend).

as usual I’ve felt the need to alternate the horror with some romance (the old Eros&Thanatos thingie, right?). actually it’s not that antagonistic. at some point watching romantic comedies melts into watching zombie movies. but this time, well, this time I feel I have struck gold. while taking a break from the Vincent Price movie, I decided to skim through Conversations with Other Women, despite finding the title ridiculous (and its translation into Romanian entirely… off-putting). I’ve always liked Helena Bonham Carter and I was willing to give Aaron Eckhart another chance (after Love Happens, I mean) and I’m happy I did. five minutes into the film I was grinning like mad from all the witty lines and loving the chemistry between the two, the fencing with words that goes on and on and it’s still thrilling and real even after 30 minutes. I can safely say I enjoyed every minute of it.

give it a try if you’re in the mood. as for me I think I’ll move on to Revolt of The Zombies before everything here becomes too mushy.

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