a little piece of nothing

17 Aug

you know in Bag of Bones when Mike Noonan suffers from writer’s block and he can’t look at a blank page on his Mac without his body going into spasms… a prelude to the captivating horror story about to unfold. cause that’s how it goes, isn’t it? you hit rock bottom only to bounce back with equal strength. but what if once you’ve hit that bedrock you just stay there… no uplifting force, no straw to cling to, no divine intervention. and gradually your eyes grow accustomed to the darkness. the silence around you is filled with the clamor of your thoughts. then comes the opressive feeling that all your words have dried up like apples on a shelf. and finally the “get-through-the-next-minute” state sets in. and then it’s all just a matter of willing yourself through it which sometimes may be as difficult as trying to beat gravity.

yet just as deep-sea explorers stumble upon eerie, almost mythical creatures glowing solitarily in the black womb of the ocean, there might be some equally bizarrely illuminating (meager pun attempt here) experience heading my way through the velvety dark. meanwhile probably the wisest thing to do is… explore the surroundings.


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Posted by on August 17, 2011 in jurnal


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