03 Apr

So it’s Sunday evening for the zillionth time on planet Earth.

I’m sitting in front of a huge PC screen the size of a medieval chest. For reasons I shall not disclose here the oh so wide and flat screen I used to have has gone to greener pastures.

Now I’m slouched in my chair and the immense screen is slightly tilted over me like a big mouth shouting Gogol Bordello tunes. I smile under this shower of song as the evening settles around me like black dust on houses. (I tried a bit of a Leonard Cohen thingie here but it obviously did not work)

And since it’s so antique and yet it’s seducing me with its witty blasé stare, I decided to name this old PC Giacomo. Especially since I’ve just finished Casanova’s Memoires and I kinda liked the guy.

So here we are Giacomo and I, looking at each other. Small windows are opening on Giacomo’s patient cheek and continue to multiply on my blury retinae. It’s already dark outside.

Tomorrow morning at 5 am I’ll be plunging into the shallow waters of a new week so I reluctantly stand up and head for my room. I turn off the lights. Behind me, Giacomo’s huge eye flickers like a miniature lighthouse.

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Posted by on April 3, 2011 in jurnal


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