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01 Jul

I was so depressed today, still am as a matter of fact… I bask in self pity then bathe in narcissistic sadness… well, you know, the works. As usual in times like these I either eat all sorts of things of various, contradictory flavors (I like to mix salty and sweet) or I take up some new or abandoned discipline. Today I resumed my study of Bulgarian so I compulsively listened to recordings, I read articles in newspapers, I even began a new notebook which I am going to fill with words I will never learn. It gives me a strange sense of achievement though which works like some sort of antidote against the angst. I think this is a mild bout though.. I mean I had days when I was learning Bulgarian and Portuguese while working out during breaks, looking for a new job and testing new wellness therapies all at the same time.

Later edit: I just spoke to my brother and got an idea, actually the same old idea I get whenever I talk to him. There is a SEO/HTML genius in me waiting to be discovered. So I guess we all know what I’m going to take notes of tomorrow.

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