27 Jun

Banii, IQ-ul și imigranții, via marginalrevolution:

Garret Jones, W. Joel Schneider, IQ in the Production Function: Evidence from Immigrant Earnings, June 2008, disponibil online aici.

If one knows the average IQ of a nation’s citizens as estimated by Lynn and Vanhanen (2002, 2006), one can predict the average wages that immigrants from that country will earn upon their arrival in the U.S.—whether or not one controls for immigrant education, and even if the test is completely visual rather than verbal. In other words, national average IQ predicts part of what Hendricks (2002) calls “unmeasured worker skill.”

Greu, aspru și tare:

Weight is linked to importance, so that people carrying heavy objects deem interview candidates as more serious and social problems as more pressing. Texture is linked to difficulty and harshness. Touching rough sandpaper makes social interactions seem more adversarial, while smooth wood makes them seem friendlier. Finally, hardness is associated with rigidity and stability. When sitting on a hard chair, negotiators take tougher stances but if they sit on a soft one instead, they become more flexible.

Mai mult, aici.

Crypto-forestry via

Weed patches in which the earliest emergent traces of a thicket can be found; clusters of trees growing semi-feral on the edges of railroad yards; forgotten courtyards sprouting with random saplings unplanted by any hand: these are all crypto-forests.

Harta șamanică a cosmosului Barasana:

via BLDGBLOG and PrimatePoetics!

Cele mai vechi reprezentări ale apostolilor, descoperite în catacombele Sf. Tecla: via Bread and Circuses.

J.D. Salinger, instantaneu, via Gunslinger.

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