31 Dec

some of them are in Moscow, some of them in Rio de Janeiro. but what if all started in Odessa?
according to the family lore, тарапанов is derived from tarapana which means safe box. however, extensive Google research powered by substantial consumption of black chocolate has shown that there may be another meaning attached to this word. nothing surprising though as the family has always been famous for mainly two things: spending money and a penchant for (distilled) beverages. turns out that tarapany, a word possibly of Greek origin (have to further investigate that), means a sort of huge vessel used to make wine. it dates back to Byzantine times and was used in the Crimea in certain special caves carved in the mountains around monasteries. of course.
now not very far away from Crimea lies the town of Odessa. according to Sheherzadah’s mother (whose memory, alas, is as fickle as candle light), her prababushka used to live in Odessa in not one but three houses (hopefully all bought with money that could be accounted for). with the magnanimous help of the aforementioned Google, Sheherzadah was able to locate some potential distant relatives living in Odessa. Unfortunately their command of English is… disheartening.
<to be continued>

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