basarabia bvd smells

05 Jul

I’ve been taking a stroll on Basarabia Bvd (the right side as you go towards Piata Muncii, to be really thorough). ‘Twas a hot afternoon but the air was sort of moist so I started sampling the smells.

The top and base notes were sort of similar, exuding a warm oppressive sandy, smoky scent from the exhaust fumes and the dust on the sidewalk.

The “bouquet” was much more complex though. A whiff of horse manure, a dash of stale water from the nearby lake, the smell of hot metal as I passed by the cars parked on the side of the road, the occasional pungent smell of sweat of some passer-by.

I was frantically sniffing for something more there, a bit of a personal touch, something that would give the uniqueness of this olfactory experience. But either my nose is not trained enough yet or there was actually nothing left on the bottom of that gray fragrance bottle.

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